The revolutionary YokeMate LWS™...

Our YokeMate LWS™ is a revolutionary offering designed to standardize leadwires throughout your facility.  Currently, there is no standard leadwire connection or sequence  Each OEM has their own way of arranging leadwires, none of which are consistent with any other.  That's where our YokeMate comes in!  The YokeMate connects to existing original equipment cables allowing a single style of leadwire to be used throughout your facility.  Whether you have a mix of GE, Philips, Datascope, Nihon Kohden or what-have-you, you can now use one set of leadwires on all your monitors.

GE/Marquette YokeMate GE Apex Pro FH YokeMate HP/Philips YokeMate
GE Multi-Link®
YokeMate Adapter
GE Apex Pro FH®
Telemetry Adapter
Philips® CMS
YokeMate Adapter
Datex 300-Series YokeMate VS/VR YokeMate Datascope Panorama
Datex® 300-Series
YokeMate Adapter
Datascope® / Siemens®
YokeMate Adapter
Datascope Panorama®
Telemetry Adapter
Nihon-Kohden YokeMate Spacelabs YokeMate Spacelabs Telemetry YokeMate
YokeMate Adapter
Spacelabs® Tru-Link®
Spacelabs® Telemetry

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