The lineup...

Our strategy is to offer the widest range of ECG Leadwires and ECG products at very competitive prices.  Who said that finding the right ECG cable solution had to be expensive?  Find out why you should choose AMC products, or take a look at our the highlights for these product lines:

3-, 4-, 5- & 6-lead ECG Leadwires
GE/Marquette style ECG Leadwires Spacelabs style ECG Leadwires Safety DIN ECG Leadwires
GE Multi-Link®
Spacelabs® Tru-Link®
.060"/1.5mm Safety DIN
Molded lead ECG Leadwires HP/Philips style ECG Leadwires Datex-Ohmeda style ECG Leadwires
Philips IntelliVue and
AMC&E LWS Compatibles
Philips® Twin-Pin
AAMI Compatibles
300-Series Compatibles
VS/VR style ECG Leadwires Nihon-Kohden style ECG Leadwires Datascope Telepack 608 Leadwires
VS/VR Compatibles Nihon-Kohden Compatibles Datascope Telepack 608

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