A unique solution...

The idea behind the Connect-A-Kit™ system is simple:  modular, mechanical connectors designed to perform like an overmolded product.  Do you perform repair services?  Are you a manufacturer?  These kits were designed specifically for short- and medium-production runs where traditional overmolding is not cost-effective, but where quality is no less important.

We use only the best medical-grade plastics, gold-plated contacts, and precision tooling in the manufacture of Connect-A-Kits™.  We have the most commonly-used connectors for ECG, SpO2, invasive blood pressure, cardiac output, TOCO and ultrasound fetal transducers, and more!  Also ideal for making test equipment or prototypes, we may just have the solution that you've been looking for.

Contact us and let us know what your specific interconnect need may be...we'd be happy to help.

How To Order Connect-A-Kits
001 connector, straight exit, gray boot, .158"/-4mm cable exit A 8 B
B 9 C
Connector Number:  Please choose from connector guide.
Cable Exit Angle:  A=Straight     B=45°     C=90°
Boot Color:     8=Gray     9=White
**Standard colors are listed.  For kits with optional colors, please see connector guide.
Cable Exit:  B=.158"-4mm    C=.125"-3.18mm    D=.187"-4.75mm     E=.218"-5.54mm
**All connectors have a standard Cable Exit Diameter (see descriptions above).  This parameter is only specified for custom orders.

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