It's all in the details...

We may not have everything that you need, but we're working on it.Our desire is to be your 'one-stop-shop' for patient monitoring cables and accessories. In addition to ECG, SpO2, NIBP, and Connect-A-Kit™ products we offer specialty products as well. From reusable electrode clips to patient vital sign simulators, we are always introducing new products to our customers.

AMC's CableSoc - Manage your cables and hoses the easy way.

We've created this unique system for managing your cables and hoses to make your patients more at ease while offering you the added benefit of having a more organized ward.  Imagine, if you will, keeping your monitoring accessories in convenient, attractive, color-coded bundles; easing the strain on your staff while providing added comfort for your patients.

Our CableSoc™ is designed to be water and stain resistant.  For patient safety, we've also had the CableSoc™ material impregnated with an anti-microbial agent which withstands repeated cleanings with typical cleaners/sanitizers.  CableSoc™ is shipped as a kit containing the following:

  • 8 CableSocs™
  • Installation tube
  • 40 Anchor Bands
  • Complete Instructions

MultiClip - Because all ECG/EKG connections aren't the same.

Our MultiClip can attach to snap and tab electrodes with ease.  Simply insert your 3 or 4mm banana leadwire into the back of the MultiClip and attach it to your patient.  It's really just that simple!

Tethers and Lanyards - Helping to keep your inventory where it belongs.

We know how frustrating, and time consuming, it is to keep track of cables and hoses sometimes.  That's why we have a line of cable/hose security devices to keep your inventory where it belongs: connected to the equipment, not floating around in another ward.  From stainless steel reinforced, keyed security tethers to coiled urethane loss-prevention lanyards, we've got a security product that fits your needs.