Who we are.

Advantage Medical Cables (AMC), headquartered near Fort Lauderdale, Florida along with it's parent company Advantage Medical Electronics, Inc., has been serving the patient monitoring community for over a decade and markets the AMC brand exclusively worldwide.

With manufacturing facilities in Europe, the USA, and Asia, AMC manufactures high quality accessories for the patient monitoring market and has the capability and flexibility to offer the best products at prices that won't break your budget..  Our product range is made up of these core offerings:

Many companies claim to have the most comprehensive product line, but the real proof is in the solutions available.  The key is interchangeability.  Our strategy is quite simply to provide the accessory solution that is best for you--not what is best for our own economies of scale.  And our expert staff is dedicated to providing you with the timely and accurate information that you're looking for.

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